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Graphic Printing Glass Label the next-01


Group 1

冠軍:現金港幣$20,000 (一名)

First Winner X 1 $20,000 HKD Cash

亞軍:現金港幣$10,000 (一名)

Second Winner X 1 $10,000HKD Cash

季軍:現金港幣$ 5,000 (一名)

Third Winner X 1 $5,000HKD Cash


Group 2

冠軍:現金港幣$12,000 (一名)

First Winner X 1 $12,000 HKD Cash

亞軍:現金港幣$ 6,000 (一名)

Second Winner X 1 $6,000HKD Cash

季軍:現金港幣$ 3,000 (一名)

Third Winner X 1 $3,000HKD Cash

投票者最具價值評語獎:現金港幣$2,500 (一名)

The Most Valuable Advise Award: $2,500 HKD Cash


Submit the application form


We would send you the confirmation mail. that's mean you are in the contest.


Upload the Artwork


Upload the artwork to website, the artwork would be published in vote season.


The participator MUST download the 3D template to paste the artwork,


Participants must be 18 years old or elder.Participants must be 18 years old or elder.


Participants in both groups are required to fill in their personal information which would only be used for identity verification. Group 1 Interior Designer is required to attach his/her name card.


Each person can participate in either group 1 or group 2 submission on to both group is not allowed.


Participants can choose one of the themes from Residential, Office and pick one of three scenes to design a Digital Printing Featured Glass that can be applied on the wall or partition.

主辦單位亦會提供6款模擬場境範例給參賽者選擇其中一款來設計。模擬場境中紅色位置是必需作為修改範圍,而其他位置可選擇性修改。(參賽者可用AutoCAD, SketchUp軟件開啟模擬場境)

The organizer provides 6 different mock-up templates for his/her design work. The red area must has to modify, the other area can be modified optionally. Participants can modify the mock-up template by AutoCAD or SketchUp software.


Participants have to name the theme and briefly present his/her own work

每位參賽者只能投一份作品,在投稿期内可以重新上傳新的作品,我方會以每位參賽者最後上傳的作品為最終參賽品。(以系統收取時間為準) 每次成功投稿後,參賽者會即時收到電郵確認通知和三個工作天內收到WhatsApp通知。

Each Participant can only submit one piece of design work, While Re submission is allowed during the submission period as the final submission. The last submission of the design work would be regarded, the participant will be informed by email and WhatsApp message upon every successful submission in 3 working days


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​如對活動有任何問題,歡迎電郵至 查詢。

Any question, please email to

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