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The Series of Art

The glass with fully tested craftsmanship, suitable for EVERY application in interior project.

The Series of Metallic

The glass with the metal mesh, the metallic feature of the mesh build the layer visual.

The Series of Color

The glass with printing build the stylish for costumers, applying art visual for the feature wall.

The Series of Texture

The glass with pattern on surface, the transparency material but not only transparency.

The Series of Nature

The glass with jade material to create the layer light with original pattern. the pattern come from natural.

The Series of Antique

The mirror with the specialized craftsmanship, unique pattern become the feature is replaceable.


GLASS LABEL prepared the catalog of glass for your reference. each catalog is arranged to be easier to download. please feel free to download the catalog.

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Need the Glass Sample?

From our team to yours, wishing everyone a prosperous and healthy year in 2020, GLASS LABEL do offer design support of glass samples display from studio to home office. To ride out the storm together during the spread of Novel coronavirus


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