2019 Glass Label


Graphic Glass Digital Printing Design Competition

Artwork Submission season and Voting Season

30 October, 2019  -  16 January, 2020

分享您的玻璃圖案打印作品,即有機會贏得「大獎」,總值超過 $50,000港幣的寶貴獎品。

Share your glass design artwork for a chance to win BIG prizes, win valuable prizes worth over $50,000 HKD total.



Have your hard work seen by millions



Get inspired by designer from around Hong Kong



Discover the new application in graphic printing glass

比賽將分爲兩個組別 :

The competition will be divided into two groups.

Group 1 : Full Time Interior Designer

第一組別: 現職室內設計師

Group 2 : Part Time Interior Designer, Freelancer or Students

第二組別: 兼職室內設計師 (包括Freelancer和學生)

The competition will be divided into two groups.

獎勵內容 :


Group 1

冠軍:現金港幣$20,000 (一名)

First Winner X 1 $20,000 HKD Cash

亞軍:現金港幣$10,000 (一名)

Second Winner X 1 $10,000HKD Cash

季軍:現金港幣$ 5,000 (一名)

Third Winner X 1 $5,000HKD Cash


Group 2

冠軍:現金港幣$12,000 (一名)

First Winner X 1 $12,000 HKD Cash


亞軍:現金港幣$ 6,000 (一名)

Second Winner X 1 $6,000HKD Cash

季軍:現金港幣$ 3,000 (一名)

Third Winner X 1 $3,000HKD Cash

投票者最具價值評語獎:現金港幣$2,500 (一名)

The Most Valuable Advise Award: $2,500 HKD Cash


Additional Bonus: the winners of the two groups will be rewarded one piece of glass sample. “The Most Valuable Advise Award” who will reward one piece of glass sample from one of the submitted participant’s work.


The results will be announced on the website and Facebook and all participants and voters can check the relevant information. We will contact the winners in 14 days after the announcement. Winners must go to our office to collect the rewards HKD cash and the Glass Sample. Winners must show the identification documents when the collection.

比賽時間 :

Competition schedule:

投稿期 :

Submission period



Oct 30, 2019 to Dec 23, 2019 (23:59)

投票期 :

Voting period



Jan 6, 2020 to Jan 16, 2020

投稿說明 :

Submission instructions


Participants must be 18 years old or elder.Participants must be 18 years old or elder.


Participants in both groups are required to fill in their personal information which would only be used for identity verification. Group 1 Interior Designer is required to attach his/her name card.


Each person can participate in either group 1 or group 2 submission on to both group is not allowed.


Participants can choose one of the themes from Residential, Office and pick one of three scenes to design a Digital Printing Featured Glass that can be applied on the wall or partition.

主辦單位亦會提供6款模擬場境範例給參賽者選擇其中一款來設計。模擬場境中紅色位置是必需作為修改範圍,而其他位置可選擇性修改。(參賽者可用AutoCAD, SketchUp軟件開啟模擬場境)

The organizer provides 6 different mock-up templates for his/her design work. The red area must has to modify, the other area can be modified optionally. Participants can modify the mock-up template by AutoCAD or SketchUp software.


Participants have to name the theme and briefly present his/her own work

每位參賽者只能投一份作品,在投稿期内可以重新上傳新的作品,我方會以每位參賽者最後上傳的作品為最終參賽品。(以系統收取時間為準) 每次成功投稿後,參賽者會即時收到電郵確認通知和三個工作天內收到WhatsApp通知。

Each Participant can only submit one piece of design work, While Re submission is allowed during the submission period as the final submission. The last submission of the design work would be regarded, the participant will be informed by email and WhatsApp message upon every successful submission in 3 working days


Judging method


Voting is open to public , and each voters has three votes in each group, and the voter can vote can cast all their votes to the same design work three times or different design works, and leave the comments for the work.


The group 1 and the group 2, 1st Winner who will be votes the most. 2nd & 3rd Winner will be determined by the number of votes.


Voters also have the opportunity to win a bonus reward. The most valuable advice award will be selected by the organizer from the comments of every voter. The rating will be determined by the voter's analysis of the work.


If the number of votes is equal, the final result will be decided by the organizer


Rules of the Competition


Participants need to select one of the two theme’s projects to design, and fill in the information according to the regulations, as printed in the registration form otherwise it will not be accepted. Please ensure all the information you filled in is correct. If the information is incomplete or incorrect, the participants will registration will deemed as disqualified.


All submitted design work would be considered as published works. If find counterfeit or plagiary works from others and the copyright is unclear, the participant’s eligibility will be cancelled. Participants shall bear legal responsibility, and any legal dispute will NOT relevant to the organizer.


Participants must agree that the organizer reserves the right to copy, use, modify, display, publish and distribute the submitted work, distribute it in any media for publicity or education. The organizer will NOT have further remuneration and further notice.


The information of this competition is owned by the organizer and will not disclose any personal information of the participants to third parties.


Submitted work must not contain any material that is inappropriate, indecent, defamatory, pornographic, infringing, damaging, defamatory or libelous.


Subject to enforcement, this competition is not subject to legal recourse.


Participants should clearly understand the rules of the competition. Submitting the design work implies they have accepted all the rules and terms of the regulation.


The organizer reserves the right to retain all final decisions without further notice. In case of any dispute, the final decision of our company shall prevail.


In case of any dispute over the competition rules, the Chinese version shall prevail.

Pic1.1  -  The full frame view of glass mock up.

Pic1.2  -  The close up view of glass mock up.


The glass for Residential - you could design your residential glass for the competition.

the glass application is no any limitation.

The participator need to submit at least 1 picture of full frame view and 1 picture of close up view glass mock up to the collect-box.



The glass for office - you could design your office glass for the competition.

the glass application is no any limitation.

The participator need to submit at least 1 picture of full frame view and 1 picture of close up view glass mock up to the collect-box.

Pic1.1  -  The full frame view of glass mock up.

Pic2.2  -  The close up view of glass mock up.

Pic2.2  -  The close up view of glass mock up.

檔案規範 :



File type must be in JPG or PNG formal

解象度300 PPI

Resolution must be 300 PPI


upload file size: unlimited Size

參賽作品必須包含一幅近景和一幅遠景的模擬場景玻璃設計圖, 及玻璃完成作品圖

The submitted works must include at least one close-up, one long shoot of Mock up Scene and one glass Graphic.


The glass design effect graphic need to occupy at least one third of the range of the mock up scene.

Pic3.2  -  The close up view of glass mock up.

Go to http://gc.scommerce.hk/contribution/

click the 'Upload Your Artwork'

follow the step to complete the uploading.

Submission period: Oct 25, 2019 to Dec 24, 2019 (23:59)




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