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Group 1

冠軍:現金港幣$20,000 (一名)

First Winner X 1 $20,000 HKD Cash

亞軍:現金港幣$10,000 (一名)

Second Winner X 1 $10,000HKD Cash

季軍:現金港幣$ 5,000 (一名)

Third Winner X 1 $5,000HKD Cash


Group 2

冠軍:現金港幣$12,000 (一名)

First Winner X 1 $12,000 HKD Cash

亞軍:現金港幣$ 6,000 (一名)

Second Winner X 1 $6,000HKD Cash

季軍:現金港幣$ 3,000 (一名)

Third Winner X 1 $3,000HKD Cash

投票者最具價值評語獎:現金港幣$2,500 (一名)

The Most Valuable Advise Award: $2,500 HKD Cash


Rules of the Competition


Participants need to select one of the two theme’s projects to design, and fill in the information according to the regulations, as printed in the registration form otherwise it will not be accepted. Please ensure all the information you filled in is correct. If the information is incomplete or incorrect, the participants will registration will deemed as disqualified.


All submitted design work would be considered as published works. If find counterfeit or plagiary works from others and the copyright is unclear, the participant’s eligibility will be cancelled. Participants shall bear legal responsibility, and any legal dispute will NOT relevant to the organizer.


Participants must agree that the organizer reserves the right to copy, use, modify, display, publish and distribute the submitted work, distribute it in any media for publicity or education. The organizer will NOT have further remuneration and further notice.


The information of this competition is owned by the organizer and will not disclose any personal information of the participants to third parties.


Submitted work must not contain any material that is inappropriate, indecent, defamatory, pornographic, infringing, damaging, defamatory or libelous.


Subject to enforcement, this competition is not subject to legal recourse.


Participants should clearly understand the rules of the competition. Submitting the design work implies they have accepted all the rules and terms of the regulation.


The organizer reserves the right to retain all final decisions without further notice. In case of any dispute, the final decision of our company shall prevail.


In case of any dispute over the competition rules, the Chinese version shall prevail.

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